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Turkey, Istanbul



As a little girl, in my beliefs every musical instrument had a soul of it self, for that I would always cry gazeing to every piano shops window for all the pianos that I would not be able to buy and play.


With this understanding, when I had the will I started to play and try every musical instrument to fill my life with joy.For years I played and singed in musical chorous and groups.Than I realized that I loved to produce music via a computer, as a cook loves to create a wonderfull dish in a kitchen.

When I was grown enough to start to go to nightclubs and discotechs I fell in love with the club lights and atmosphere. I felt endless joy, I discovered that there is an endless world in Sound.

With the guidance of this feeling and never ending discovery will in me, couple friends and my self we created a group named BonMod. We started to play every where we can to share the joy and passion of sound in music.Form Paris to Amsterdam, form İstanbul to all around Turkey we played all around, acomplishing over hundred performances in two years time.

Now a days as Aslı Köse my self, I embarked on a jurney to dance, sing and play with the influence of sounds from the 80's in form of new disco, deep house and disco house.I sing, play and cover not only songs from other performers that I like, but also songs that lyrics and sounds are written and produced in the mix by my self.

Since three years now I have been working with The Hall İstanbul, Beat Club İstanbul as the Music Director. In the mean time performed in Babylon İstanbul, Indigo İstanbul, The Hall İstanbul with Kavinsky, Erol Alkan, Lindstrom, Hunter Game, Karin Park, Brodinsky, Alex Metric and many more.For one year now I also perform for FG 93.7 (Future Generetion Radio) İstanbul, which is Turkey's best Electronic Music radio.

After all the above testimonial, in simple words I would like to tell you why people will have a wonderfull and soundfull night with me; Not because of the perfect understanding of technical electronic equipment. But because I will play songs that I feel as I play and makes me happy, and also I will Dance through those beats as you do and last but not least also sing to you.

We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

Please contact us to get more information.

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