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Turkey's first and only official Pioneer DJ and Ableton Certified Training Center presented by

Unis Academy; moreover , the motto with 'Stay , Produce and Perform Music ' , "DJ & Producers Hotel " concept unprecedented in Turkey is an unique camp experience , personal boutique and a special option in accordance with the pandemic.

- Accommodation in Villa (Full Board)

-20 hours of Ableton Music Production Training

-20 hours Pioneer DJ Training and "Party Play"

- Conscious Living and Extreme Sports Activities

-7/24 Studio Usage and Support Opportunity from Instructors

And more...

Online Courses


The first part of Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course "Online Music Production Course":

It takes place “online” for 8 weeks, 3 hours in a week on the dates and times determined by the participants, and it is 24 hours in total. With this program, participants will have finished 3 songs, both in their own style and in other styles.

The second part of Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course, “Online Advanced Music Production Course”:

It takes place “online” for 8 weeks, 3 hours in a week on the dates and times determined by the participants, and it is 24 hours in total. With this program, it is aimed for the participants to release their tracks from the record companies they target, to take their place in the music markets, and to take their place on the stages by performing "online" with their own digital and / or analog installations.

Our "Intensive Starter Course" is the first part of Unis Academy Modern Music Production Course: It is 20 hours from 5 days to 4 hours on the dates determined in ISTANBUL and IZMIR. The related course program is repeated regularly in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Izmir & Ankara every month.


Step into everything about what DJing is, how it started, what day it is today, turntables, CD players, mixers, beat matching, equalizer, mixing, effects and signal flow in analog DJ setup. You will see explanations with step by step and learn to analyze DJ set.


Visual creativity has a unique design art. Maybe you've heard, or come from scratch; We invite you to “Resolume Arena” which is industry standard of Video Jockey programs. How to connect the user interface, the famous midi, which we always talk about in training, its effects, possibilities are waiting for you to be discovered.


Private Courses (Online/Offline)

We can provide one-to-one (Online, Offline) for students who want our "Modern Music Production", "Pioneer DJ Certification" and "VJ Course" packages. We adjust the timeline and schedules for your accordance. 

Since one-to-one is a communication, it is much easier for us to just go to the targets you want to reach and shoot a spot.


Contact: 0 534 302 09 55 - WhatsApp

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