With step-by-step explanations of what the djing is, how it started, what days it is today, turntables (turntables), CD players, mixers, beat matching, equalizer, mixing, effects and signal flow in analog dj setup. you will see and learn to analyze DJ sets.


After learning the turntables, which are the basis of DJing, and mixing the plates and CDs from the back, by learning (theoretical) and playing yourself (hands-on), you will learn by trying computer DJ programs such as Traktor and Serato.

(Party Play): The last day of our lesson, that is, the remaining 4 hours will be processed as the END OF COURSE PARTY. We advise you to call all your friends, because at the end of the course party, the whole class will perform well with the instructors, BACK TO BACK, that is, playing one after the other.


The main objective of this course is that every student participating has at least 1 DJ Set that is recorded and ready for broadcast at the end of the course.

This exclusive 4-seater in the 5x4 = 20 hours of class DJ course at our school in Amsterdam 650 euros is the price in the amount of KDV Turkey EXCLUDING  2750 TL

The first 6 people will be able to participate in the program as there is no screening among the participants. 

You don't need any musical theory knowledge, playing an instrument or knowing chords, notes, to attend the course.

When the course is completed, you will understand how to make transitions in harmony with the harmony both theoretically and practically, and to mix better both analogly and digitally, learn how to record a DJ set and perform live DJ.

You will learn important, complementary information and trikes for the setup that you choose most easily by professional DJs. 

Our classes are limited to 6 people. The first 6 people will be able to participate in the program as there is no screening among the participants.


Our course instructors: 
Cenk Unis, Gökhan Balkan, Aydost Pulat


DJ DJ philosophy 
Understanding the audience, mass communication and control  
Suggestions and recommendations for introducing yourself to the market

Turntables, CD players & Mixer 
Signal flow 
Part cue determination, faders and controls 
Understanding the building blocks of dance music / Rhythms, Dimensions and Phase 
Tempo and BPM  
Beat fitting and equalizer mixing and vinly scratch 
effects - Echo, delay, gate effects, filters etc. 
Excellent harmonic mix understanding and part analysis both with the help of a software and with your ears

Ableton live, Traktor Pro, Serato 
DJ template creation 
Part research and accumulation methods 
Control interfaces 
Loop creation 
DJ Set saving techniques 
DJ promotion platforms and promotion planning types.  


For your Cash Payments;

Account Name and Surname: Cenk Üniş 
IBAN: TR40 0004 6000 3988 8000 2411 34


- Those who want to take advantage of payment by credit card and installment up to 12 months:  
2750 + 18% VAT = 3245 TL fee   should be booked by clicking the link . 

It will be sufficient to write the name-surname, course name, location (İzmir / Ankara / Istanbul) and phone numbers in the explanation section.