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Lessons: 3th
 - 5th - 7th - 8th of June 19.00 - 23.00
Party Play: 9th of June @Kiki Siraselviler

Location: İstanbul/Beyoglu/Asmali Mescit


- DJ Philosophy
- Understanding the audience, communication and control methods
- Suggestions and recommendations for introducing yourself to the market

Analog Mixing
- Turntables, CD players & Mixer
- Signal flow

- Introduction to Interface (faders, knobs et cetra.)
- Cue points
- Understanding the building blocks of dance music/rhythms, dimensions and phase
- Tempo and BPM  
- Beat matching, equalizer mixing and vinyl scratch
- Effects (echo, delay, gate effects, filters)
- Harmonic mixing (understanding and song analysis both with the help of the software and with ears)

Digital Mixing
- Ableton Live, Traktor Pro, Serato, Rekordbox
- DJ template creation
- Song research and collection creation methods
- Control interfaces
- Loop methods
- DJ promotion platforms and promotion planning types

Course instructors: 
Aslı Köse, Aydost Pulat, Tekin TunçCenk Unis

Group Lesson Payment:

Account Holder's Full Name & Surname: Kadir Ufuk, Sonkaya
Bank: İş Bank
IBAN: TR03 0006 4000 0015 8200 4997 48

15.000 TL + %18 KDV =17.700 TL
Please get in touch with us to complete your reservation.

Tel: +90 532 372 95 19 or WhatsApp

Private Lesson Payment:
Account Holder's Full Name & Surname: Cenk, Unis
IBAN:1400 Euro 
TR95 0006 2000 0680 0006 6240 62 Garanti Bank TL Account (Payments from current currency)
Please get in touch with us to complete your reservation.

Tel: +90 532 372 95 19 or WhatsApp

From Monday to Sunday!
From Zero to Hero!

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of DJ'ing, covering its origins, evolution, and current practices.

Participants will learn about various aspects of DJ'ing, starting from turntables, CD players, mixers, beat-matching techniques, equalizers, effects, and signal flows in analogue DJ setups. Additionally, all participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to analyze DJ sets.


After mastering the foundational skills of mixing with turntables and vinyls, you will progress to experimenting with CD mixing. This will involve theoretical instruction as well as hands-on practice.

Our curriculum includes renowned DJ software programs such as Rekordbox, Traktor, or Serato, which are considered industry standards for DJ'ing.

This course consists of five days. First four days are dedicated to four hours of theoretical and practical lessons.

On the final day, there will be a four-hour Party Play session.

Party Play

The last day of our course will be organized as a Course Completion Graduation Party, where all participants will have the opportunity to perform back-to-back with the instructors. This event is open to all friends and guests, and we encourage everyone to join us in celebrating the achievements of yours.

The main objective of our course is for each participant to have at least 1 recorded DJ set that is ready for publication by the end of the course.

You do not need any music theory knowledge, instrumental proficiency, or familiarity with chords and notes to enroll in this course.

After successfully completing this course, you will graduate with a profound comprehension of creating harmonic transitions both in theory and practice. Additionally, you will acquire enhanced proficiency in mixing using analogue and digital equipment, recording and performing live DJ sets.

Our group classes are limited to 6 people.

For Private Lessons please get in touch:
+90 532 372 9519

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