Stay, Produce & Perform Music


1st will be held in 05 July - 14 July 2021(sold out)

2nd will be held in 26 July - 01 August 2021 (2 seats available)

3rd will be held in 09 August - 15 August 2021 (3 seats available)

4th will be held in 21 August - 27 August 2021 (3 seats available)

5th will be held in 6 September - 12 September 2021(4 seats available)

Who can join?

Anyone who listens music on daily basis can join :)

Requirements to attend this holiday;

Headphones: BeyerDynamic 770 Pro 80 Ohm. You can reach detailed information by clicking here.

Laptop Computer: You can access the Minimum System Requirements by clicking here.

All courses held by Official Ableton Certified Trainer Cenk Unis, you can check Offical Certification by clicking here.

In the all-inclusive system, presented with the “DJ & Producers Holiday” concept that we designed for the first time in the world;

  • Accommodation in villa

  • Rooms for 2 people with their own bathroom and toilet

  • Studio in every room (Focal Speakers, Sound card, microphone, Ableton Push)

  • Main studio use

  • Max per camp. With 6 students and 4 instructors

  • 20 hours of Ableton Music Production training 

  • In addition to the broadcast performances with 20 hours of Pioneer DJ training and PARTY PLAY:

  • 3 meals, night soup

  • Airport transport

  • Swimming Pool

  • 30 steps away from the sea

  • Conscious living and Sport activities

  • All students b2b DJ performance with boat tour (EXTRA)

  • 7/24 breakfast (EXTRA)

  • Cafe & Bar services (EXTRA)

For Your Payments;

   - Cash payments on Wise: 980 Eur

Account Owner's Name: Gökhan Balkan


IBAN: BE48 9672 0921 5727

Address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52



  - Pay with Credit/Debit Card on Iyzico: 1190 Eur 

If you have any question please reach us via WhatsApp.

For other payment options and all your questions, you can call or contact via WhatsApp.

Contacts: WhatsApp

Tel: +90 534 302 09 55

It will be sufficient to write the name-surname, course name and phone numbers in the explanation of the payment section.