Online Advanced Music Production Course


The second part of the Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course: "Online Advanced Music Production Course". It takes place "online" for 8 weeks, 3 hours in a week at the dates and times determined by the participants and is 24 hours in total. With this program, it is aimed for the participants to release their tracks from the record companies they target, and take their places in the music markets, as well as to take their place on the stages by performing "online" with their digital and / or analog installations.


*Creative Strategy and Methods for Modern Music Producers, Ways to Finish

*Arrangements and Compositions in Different Genres

*Reverse Engineering to Hit Tracks

*Introduction to Mixdown with Student's Projects


*VST Plug-ins

*Advanced Mixing with Ableton and VST Plug-ins

*Ways and Methods of Sound Expansion in Stereo Field (Haas Effect)

*Drive & Dynamic Effects

*Vocal Recording and Mixing Techniques (Aslı Köse)


*Effect Chains 

*Macro Automations

*Parallel Compression

*New York Compression

*Less is More


*Sound Design with Sampler / Simpler + Macros

*Slicing & Re-Sampling Methods


*One Track with one Sample


*Synthesis Circuit Models

*Subtractive & Additive Circuit Models

*FM, Granulator Circuit Models

*Wavetable Synthesis

*One Track with one Synth


*Ableton and Video

*Ableton Live ‘Hacks’

*Digital Mastering with Ableton Plugins

*Digital Mastering with VST Plugins


*LIVE SET Project Setup and Preparation

*Midi Controllers & Advance Mapping Techniques

*Return & Channel Effects, FX Chains, Master Chains


*Music Business with Barışcan Aktepe



*Record Companies and Demos

*Artist's Way

*Music Producer's Life Planning

*What is Next?

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