Online Music Production Course


Date: 5 May 2021 (8 Weeks)

Hour: 20:00 - 23:30 
(8 weeks from this date will continue on the same day and hours, there may be slight changes on dates, depending on the status of the participants.)

Requirements to attend this coues;

Headphone: BeyerDynamic 770 Pro 80 Ohm. You can reach detailed information by clicking here.

Computer: You can access the Minimum System Requirements by clicking here.


The first part of Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course:"Online Music Production Course".

It takes place “Online” for 8 weeks, 3 hours in a week on the dates and times determined by the participants, and it is 24 hours in total. With this program, participants will have finished 3 tracks, both in their own style and in other styles.


*Basics of Modern Music Production

*How the Ear Works

*Basic Sound Physics

*Active Listening

*Ableton Live Interface

*Session View & Arrangement View

*Mixer, EQ & FILTERS, Utilities (Spectrum)



*Basic Harmony (Scale, Tune and Chords)

*MIDI Effects

*Audio Effects - Time & Spaces (Reverb, Delay)

*Bass, Groove ve Melody Design

*Beat Making (Genre 2)


*Simple Microphone Techniques, Recording Types

*Sampler, Simpler, Warping, Groove Pool

*Beat, Bass & Melody Design (Genre 3)

*Mono & Stereo

*Audio Effects - Drive, Dynamics, Pitch & Modulation (Compressor, Distortion, Panning)

* Remixing (Acapella Warping)


*Reference Track Analysis

*Copy / Pimp / Paste Model

*Composition Planning


*Composition Techniques & Getting Started to Finish

*Subtractive and Additive Composition Techniques

*Modulators (LFO)

*Introduction to Automation and Modulation


*Signal Flow

*Audio Effects - Utilities

*Send & Return Channels

*Composition Automations


*Sound Physics and Mixing

*Audio Effect Rack



*Sound Design and Its Use in Composition

*Composition Final

*Digital Mastering

*Export (3 Tracks)

For your Cash Payments;

Account Name and Surname: Gökhan Balkan
IBAN: TR37 0006 4000 0011 4680 1079 17

- Those who want to take advantage of payment by credit card and installment up to 12 months:  
2750 + 18% VAT = 3.245 TL fee should be booked by clicking the link . 

It will be sufficient to write the name-surname, course name, location (İzmir / Ankara / Istanbul) and phone numbers in the explanation section.