Online Music Production Course


Date: TBA

Time: 20:00 - 00:00 
(4 weeks from this date will continue on the same day and hours, there may be slight changes on dates, depending on the status of the participants.)

Requirements to attend this course;

Headphone: BeyerDynamic 770 Pro 80 Ohm. You can reach detailed information by clicking here.

Computer: You can access the Minimum System Requirements by clicking here.


The first part of Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course: "Online Music Production Course".

It takes place “Online” for 4 weeks, 8 hours in a week on the dates and times determined by the participants, 1 teacher and 2 assistants will be with you in this training, with a maximum of 6 participants and it is 32 hours in total.


With this program, participants will have finished 3 tracks, both in their own style and in other styles.

1. Week 1. Lesson:

*Basics of Modern Music Production

*How the Ear Works

*Basic Sound Physics

*Active Listening

*Ableton Live Interface

*Session View & Arrangement View

*Mixer, EQ & FILTERS, Utilities (Spectrum)

1. Week 2. Lesson:


*Basic Harmony (Scale, Tune and Chords)

*MIDI Effects

*Audio Effects - Time & Spaces (Reverb, Delay)

*Bass, Groove ve Melody Design

*Beat Making (Genre 2)

2 .Week 1. Lesson:

*Simple Microphone Techniques, Recording Types

*Sampler, Simpler, Warping, Groove Pool

*Beat, Bass & Melody Design (Genre 3)

*Mono & Stereo

*Audio Effects - Drive, Dynamics, Pitch & Modulation (Compressor, Distortion, Panning)

* Remixing (Acapella Warping)

2. Week 2. Lesson:

*Reference Track Analysis

*Copy / Pimp / Paste Model

*Composition Planning

3. Week 1. Lesson:

*Composition Techniques & Getting Started to Finish

*Subtractive and Additive Composition Techniques

*Modulators (LFO)

*Introduction to Automation and Modulation

3. Week 2. Lesson:

*Signal Flow

*Audio Effects - Utilities

*Send & Return Channels

*Composition Automations

4. Week 1. Lesson:

*Sound Physics and Mixing

*Audio Effect Rack


4.Week 2. Lesson:

*Sound Design and Its Use in Composition

*Composition Final

*Digital Mastering

*Export (3 Tracks)

For your Payments;
Price: 800 Euro
For your questions please keep in touch with us via 



Unis Academy is the first and only official Ableton certified training centre in Turkey (Ableton Certified Training Center) and is a branch of our headquarters in Amsterdam.

For sample videos of our classes and trainings in Turkey, you can browse Motto Music videos and learn about our trainings>> PLAYLIST

The course curriculum has demonstrated its success since 2008 when it was implemented.


Our course instructors:
Cenk Unis, Asli Kose, Gokhan Balkan, Ufuk Sonkaya

Our production private lessons are provided by "Cenk Unis".


In this intensive online program of 1 month, the tricks of A to Z Modern Music Production will be covered on Ableton Live 11 version.

The number 1 goal of the course is that each student who attends has a piece that he has made completely themselves at the end of the lesson.

Pieces made by successful students are published on the Internet. You can listen to the songs made by some of our students here>>

Anyone can participate in the program, no musical education is required for the participants, but general computer knowledge is absolutely necessary.

Those who want to participate should come to the course with their own laptop and headphones. The laptop can be Apple or Windows. The most important point here is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80ohm), our definitive choice for “monitoring” headphones, as it starts with the ear. This product has been the only choice of the world's most important studio and sound engineers, media institutions and institutions that have become the book of this business, such as SOS, after years of research and debate in the audio industry.

Lessons are held with the latest version of Ableton Live Suite, you can download a free 90-day trial version by signing up at


One of our workshops;

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Video introducing the Istanbul Ableton Official 2015 - 2016 course period:

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Video introducing the Istanbul Ableton Official 2013 - 2014 course period:​

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We also give a one-to-one (Online, Offline) 24-hour Modern Music Production Course program to students who want it, and we decide the hours and days according to you. It is much easier for us to go to the targets we want to reach and make pinpoint shots.

Its price is 1.400 Euro + VAT.

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