Online Music Production Course

The first part of Unis Academy Online Modern Music Production Course:"Online Music Production Course".

It takes place “Online” for 8 weeks, 3 hours in a week on the dates and times determined by the participants, and it is 24 hours in total. With this program, participants will have finished 3 tracks, both in their own style and in other styles.


*Basics of Modern Music Production

*How the Ear Works

*Basic Sound Physics

*Active Listening

*Ableton Live Interface

*Session View & Arrangement View

*Mixer, EQ & FILTERS, Utilities (Spectrum)



*Basic Harmony (Scale, Tune and Chords)

*MIDI Effects

*Audio Effects - Time & Spaces (Reverb, Delay)

*Bass, Groove ve Melody Design

*Beat Making (Genre 2)


*Simple Microphone Techniques, Recording Types

*Sampler, Simpler, Warping, Groove Pool

*Beat, Bass & Melody Design (Genre 3)

*Mono & Stereo

*Audio Effects - Drive, Dynamics, Pitch & Modulation (Compressor, Distortion, Panning)

* Remixing (Acapella Warping)


*Reference Track Analysis

*Copy / Pimp / Paste Model

*Composition Planning


*Composition Techniques & Getting Started to Finish

*Subtractive and Additive Composition Techniques

*Modulators (LFO)

*Introduction to Automation and Modulation


*Signal Flow

*Audio Effects - Utilities

*Send & Return Channels

*Composition Automations


*Sound Physics and Mixing

*Audio Effect Rack



*Sound Design and Its Use in Composition

*Composition Final

*Digital Mastering

*Export (3 Tracks)

For your Cash Payments;

Account Name and Surname: Gökhan Balkan
IBAN: TR37 0006 4000 0011 4680 1079 17

- Those who want to take advantage of payment by credit card and installment up to 12 months:  
2400 + 18% VAT = 2.832 TL fee   should be booked by clicking the link . 

It will be sufficient to write the name-surname, course name, location (İzmir / Ankara / Istanbul) and phone numbers in the explanation section.