Modern Music Production “Intensive Starter Course"

Our "Intensive Starter Course" course, the first part of Unis Academy Modern Music Production Course:

It is 20 hours from 5 days to 4 hours on the dates determined in ISTANBUL and IZMIR. The related course program is repeated regularly in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Izmir & Ankara every month.


Unis Academy is the first and only official Ableton certified training center in Turkey (Ableton Certified Training Center) is a branch of our main office in Amsterdam.

For example in Turkey, training videos and browse our class motto music videos, you may have information about the quality of education >>   PLAYLIST

Course curriculum have demonstrated their success since 2008, when it was implemented.


Our course instructors:
Cenk Unis, Asli Köse, Gökhan Balkan, Melih Emirgan            

Our production special courses are provided by "Cenk Unis".            

- In this intensive 5-day program, the tricks of A to Z Modern Music Production will be processed through the Ableton Live 11 version.

- The number 1 goal of the course is that each student participating has a piece completely made at the end of the lesson.


- The parts made by successful students are published on the internet. You can listen to some of our students' tracks here >>

- Our classes are limited to 6 people.   

- Anybody can participate in the program, any music education is not sought in the participants, but general computer knowledge is absolutely necessary.  


- Those who want to attend must come to the course with their own laptop and headphones. The laptop can be Apple or Windows. As the most important point here starts from the ear, our definite choice for “monitoring” headphones is Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80ohm). This product has become the book of this business, such as SOS, over the years of research and discussions in the audio industry, the only choice of the most important studios and sound engineers in the world.


- Lessons is made with the latest version of Ableton Live Suite, as a member of address can download a 90-day free trial, then if you want to buy in Turkey can only benefit from a 40% student discount offered by our organization.

- Since there is no screening among the participants, the first 6 people can participate in the program.

- This special 6 people in class "Intensive Starter Course" is in our school, amounting to 750 euros in Amsterdam Turkey price KDV EXCLUDING 3500 TL.  

Course Content:
- Home audio and midi information
- Ableton Interface (What-Where?)
- Drums, rhythm and percussion design
- Bass, groove and melody design
- Simple microphone techniques, recording shapes
- Mixing, Sound design, EQ, Compressor, etc.
- Sound effects and places to use - Warping
- Sampling
- Synthesis
- Composition techniques, planning & finishing
- Automations
- Tactics, short cuts and tricks


One of our workshops;

Video introducing Istanbul Ableton Official 2015 - 2016 course period:

Video introducing Istanbul Ableton Official 2013 - 2014 course period:

Studio Location: Cihangir, Beyoğlu / İstanbul


SPECIAL COURSE:  We also give students one to one who wants the 20-hours Modern Music Production Course program (Online, Offline) and we decide the hours and days according to you. Since Teketek is a communication, it is much easier for us to just go to the targets you want to reach and shoot a spot. The price is 1.000 Euro + VAT.

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For Your Payments;

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