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Noceur Pneuma is an Audiovisual Artist. His sound gets in to many branches of electronic music in his own style. Aiming to bring visual arts and dance music more into the club and festival culture with his audiovisual live performance.

Born in Istanbul. Studied "Material Science and Nano Engineering" in Sabanci
University. During his study met withAbleton (2012). After graduation (2015)

worked as a material engineer.

During this period, took an education in Unis Academy (Istanbul), by following time started to improve his sound and productions.


 By the acceptance of his application for Berklee College of Music master's, he had his masters degree on "Music Production, Innovation and Technology", after one year in Valencia/Spain.

Noceur Pneuma, who has been working as stage designer & Visual Jockey
(VJ) in big clubs and festivals since 2014, now developing/perfroming his
Audiovisual Live Sets around Europe and having audiovisual releases.

Real Name : Koray Onat

Location : Istanbul

Category : A/V Live Performance, DJ

Available for : Club, Rave, Festival, Open Air

Set : 2-6 Hours

Genre : Techno, Anatolian Techno


Gökhan Balkan

+90 539 642 24 97

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