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QARIP began his career in electronic music by discovering the concept of music curation. During this period, he met many music genres and fronted to house and techno music.


QARIP, who is also interested in video production, produced music for the videos he recorded and edited. In 2017, he met with Cenk Üniş and Unis Academy at Sonar Istanbul. Since then, he performed at leading venues in Istanbul such as Mitte Karaköy, Atlas Passage and Taksim Kitsch under the roof of Unis Academy and Unis Bookings.


QARIP, who draws attention with his mastery of techno and its derivatives, adds an unique emotion to the electronic music world with his DJ sets and audio-visual performances as an invitation to the astral travel.

Real Name : Furkan Garip

Location : Istanbul

Category : Performance Club DJ

Available for : Club, Rave, Festival, Open Air

Set : 2-6 Hours

Genre : Techno, Melodic House/Techno


Gökhan Balkan

+90 539 642 24 97

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