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Purple Phase is a music producer, DJ and an instructor, member of Unis Academy since 2013.


The story began when Meric discovered his brother’s cassettes in his very early ages and drawn into the vortex of 90’s house music, more the London sound.


His musical background and producer career distinctly led him to create his present signature sound at DJing. His style can be described as an eclectic mix of Purple Phase's futuristic production style infused with his old school house flavor, taking inspirations from the roots of UK House, filled with retro synths and old school drums.

Real Name : Meriç Yılmaz

Location : Istanbul

Category : Performance Club DJ

Available for : Club, Rave, Festival, Open Air

Set : 2-6 Hours

Genre : House, Garage, Jackin' House, Jazzy House


Gökhan Balkan

+90 539 642 24 97

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