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Video Jokey Course


Visual creativity has a unique design art.

Maybe you heard, or you come from scratch; industry standard of Video Jockey programs; We invite you to “Resolume Arena”.

How to connect the user interface, the famous midi, which we always talk about in training, its effects, possibilities; waiting for you to be discovered.

It has been prepared with a meticulous design for you to have a complete holistic competence, each button of the program solves different creative knots in your mind, one of the gifts of the work.

Our privileged performance artist; Please also let us say that it is a software that can be customized according to your personal creative expectations as it responds to the need for self-expression with moving visual loops.

This creative study, which is a different view of the concept of education, which is the combination of the verbs of bending or pushing, is divided into 2 parts.


VISUAL PERFORMANCE with Resolume Arena


* VJ Concepts 

* Resolume's Interface

* Basic Working Techniques

* Creating Resolume Based Content


* Effects

* Tips and Tricks 


Maximum 4 people in class, 3 days, 3 hours of work per day. 


Total: 9 hours for projects with special materials and student support.

CREATING CONTENT with "After Effects"


* Basic Video Terminology 

* Adobe Software (Illustrator, Photoshop) 

* After Effects Interface 

* Composition, Working with Layers, Effects 

* Introduction to 3D 

* Masks, Keyframing, Graph Editor 

* Animating Shapes 

* Composition Techniques 

* Transfer, Processing (Export, Rendering)


Maximum 4 people in class, 5 days, 4 hours of work per day. 


Total: 20 hours for projects with special materials and student support.

We can offer our "Video Jokey Course" program directly (Online, Offline) for now. We decide the hours and days according to you. Since Teketek is a communication, it is much easier for us to just go to the targets you want to reach and shoot a spot. The price is 1.000 Euro + VAT. 

For Your Payments;

Please keep in touch with us via WhatsApp

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