DJ Courses

In our dj courses you’ll learn what DJing is all about, how it started and came to our day, turntables, mixers, beat matching, EQ mixing, effects and the signal flow of an analog DJ setup, get step by step explanations and overviews of how to analyze the tracks.


You don't need to have a musical knowledge, play an instrument, or understand keys, chords or scales - yet by the end of it you'll have a solid understanding of both the theory and practice of harmonic mixing, and be able to use it effectively to perform immeasurably better DJ mixes on both analogue and digital mixing.


You can choose your own dj set up with which you'll feel most comfortable and get essential tips and tricks from a pro DJ. At the end of the lesson each student will turn back to their homes with one hour proffessional dj mix online. 

DJ philosophy

Reading the crowd

Tips & advice on how to promote yourself

Back to back mixing with other DJs Turntables

Turntables, CD players & Mixer

Signal flow

Cueing a track: faders and pre fade controls

Understanding the structure of dance music / Beats, Bars and Phrasing

Tempo and BPM (beats per minute)

Beat-matching & EQ mixing & vinly sctratcing

Effects – Echo, delay, gate effects, filters etc

Analyse and detect the key of tracks for perfect harmonic mixes using your ears as well softwares (Mixed in key)

Max 2 people in one class,16 hours in two weeks + 4 hours practise with an instructor


Duration: 20 hours in total



Ableton live, Traktor Pro, Serato

Creating your DJ templates

Collecting and sorting out tracks

Control surfaces

Creating Loops

We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

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