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Music Production Course

Are you ready to get detailed and in-depth knowledge, on music production from A to Z on Ableton program?

You will learn to carry forward your rhythm and bass compositions, to enjoy creating customized melodies, learning to mix  your personal tracks, you will be reaching your awareness resources within.

What are the best tracks and artists that you like?

You will learn to analyze the tracks you have chosen, full with new inspirations.

All control will stick at the back of your hands in the lessons that cover the synthesis of theory and practice.

Imagine an experience of a comprehensive understanding of Abelton Live and Abelton Push interfaces; learned with detailed sensitivity.

Consits; seeing with your ears and hearing with your eyes aspects.

You will discover to master every little button, hints of the software, tricks of the interface to use it more easily as much as you articipate.  A design of art workshop which you cuould trigger the format according to your personel style.

Either you are a producer nor a Dj or a performance artist with a personal style, you will explore how to express your music, with the advanced opportunities in technology.


We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

Please contact us to get more information.

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