VJ Courses

In this course you will learn the basic terminology of visual performance. Hands on with one of the best VJ software Resolume Arena's user interface, how to connect to midi, its effects and possibilities. 


Basically at the end of the lesson students know every little knob of the interface, tips and tricks of the software. Learn how to customize Resolume Arena to your personal way of working.


We also teach you how to express yourself visually, whether you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a visual performer, as well as producing your very own designed & animated visual loops.The course is divided into two parts : 



Resolume Arena



After Effects

VJ Concepts

Resolume's Interface

Basic Workflow Techniques

Resolume Based Content Creation



Tips and Tricks




Max. 4 people in one class


3 days, 3 hours of study per a day.

Total: 9 hours on projects with custom made materials and student support.


Basic Video Terminology

Adobe Sofware Family (Illustrator, Photoshop)

After Effects Interface

Compostion, Working with Layers, Effects

Introduction to 3D

Masks, Keyframing, Graph Editor

Animating Shapes

Compositing Techniques

Exporting, Rendering


Max. 4 people in one class  


5 days, 4 hours of study per a day.  

Total: 20 hours on projects with custom made materials and student support.


We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

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