What is DJ & Producers Holiday?

It is an intense, inspiring, entertaining and instructive 8-day holiday series that includes both domestic and overseas locations, combining 34 hours of Ableton Production + Push and 16 hours of Pioneer DJ training with activities that take personal experience to the next level.

It is a unique training camp where you will meet the leading people of the industry and gain experience in the studios of local artists at successful conferences of the world's largest music capitals like Amsterdam and Berlin, while maximizing your experience and creativity by discovering new sports in the areas suitable for traveling and extreme sports.

Upcoming Dates of ‘DJ & Producers Holiday’ Program

Extreme Blue Edition 2019 AUGUST 8 - 15  KAŞ

Amsterdam Dance Event    2019 EKİM 16 - 20 AMSTERDAM

​Ableton Loop Berlin Edition 2020 NİSAN 24 - 26 at Silent Green, BERLİN

DJ & PRODUCERS HOLIDAY - Extreme Blue Edition Kaş’2019;

Last DJ & Producers Holiday in Antalya & Kaş Dreams Academy was a fun journey that includes wakeboard, scuba diving, field recording, breath training and yoga. 9 students succesfully completed our Ableton Production + Push and Pioneer DJ training programs with 3 instructors. After an intense education and activity program, they celebrated their graduation by playing their finished tracks and recorded sets in the best night club of Kaş. (please view our social media content) Now Unis Academy presents the 2019 edition which is the result of the experience and success gained in the last 2 years.

Unis Academy, DJ & Producers Holiday Extreme Blue Edition’da elde ettiği başarı ve yoğun ilgiyi; edindiği içerik ve kurulan network’ler ile birleştirerek serinin bu seneki ayağı olan Extreme Blue Edition 2019’ u sizlerle buluşturuyor.




ADE Amsterdam, LOOP Berlin, Ibiza



- 7 Gece 8 Gün - Kaş Düşler Akademisi’nde konaklama

- Extreme Sporlar

- Ableton & Pioneer DJ Sertifikalı Cenk Üniş, Meriç Yılmaz, Aslı Köse, Gökhan Balkan ile 

    • 24 Saat Ableton Prodüksiyon Eğitimi

    • 10 Saat Ableton Push Eğitimi

    • 16 Saat Pioneer Dj Eğitimi 

- Unis Academy Beach Edition'ın kapanış partisinde canlı performans fırsatı




- Tam donanımlı prodüksiyon stüdyolarında Ableton sertifikalı eğitmenler ile 20 saat Ableton Prodüksiyon ve 16 saat Pioneer DJ eğitimleri

- Her gün sabah / öğleden sonra etkinlik: stüdyo ziyaretleri, konuya özgü atölye çalışmaları, sanatçı konferansları, sanatçıların ve profesyonellerin konuk olduğu konuşmalar

- Unis Academy kapanış partisinde kulüpte canlı performans fırsatı

- Merkezi bir konumda konaklama

We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

Please contact us to get more information.

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