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Max 6 people in one class  

5 days , 4 hours of study per a day .  


Duration:20 hours on projects with custom made materials and student support.

Main audio and midi knowledge

Ableton’s user interface, where is what ?

Beat & percussion rhythms design

Bassline, grooves and melody desing

Audio recording and abusing

Audio & MIDI clips and envelopes.

Entrance to mixing, EQ filters & compressors


Audio effects, when & where to use


Synthesis & Sampling

Simple composition techniques, planning, starting to finish

Automations (clip & arrangement view)

Tips & tricks


We provide you the opportunity to become the performing artist you wish to be.


Music Producer

Visual Artist

Sound Designer

Live Performance

DJ and VJ


Our instructors prepared variety

of courses for your needs.

Please contact us to get more information.

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